Home Workouts for Women

For many women, getting in shape is something that can be daunting. There is the option of the exercise or fitness club, but these can often be uncomfortable for women.

The cost of a monthly membership can also be quite expensive. Home exercise equipment is an option, but not everyone has the space for such machines and these can also rather costly depending on the model that is purchased. A great way to get in shape would be with some home workouts for women that can be done by anyone. These can be done with simple supplies and in the comfort of the living room.

Simple towel workout

A great looking stomach is something many people desire. Instead of doing painful and uncomfortable crunches, by using two towels or t-shirts, an easy exercise can help to tone the stomach. Standing on a hardwood or linoleum floor, place one towel in each hand. Start with the feet and hands flat on the floor. Slide the hands forward until toes are pointed and then shuffle them back. This exercise will help lead to six-pack abs.

Upper leg workout

The upper legs are easy to tone, but often are overlooked by both men and women when it comes to exercises. Wall squats are one of the great home workouts for women and are very low impact. Standing with the back against the wall, the feet should be no more than two feet away from the wall. Slowly squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Do this slowly and smoothly for several repetitions.

Simple broom exercise

There is no need for expensive equipment. A simple broom can help to tone and get rid of love handles. Start with the broom above the head. Keep the arms straight and slowly move the handle from one side to the next, making sure not to bend at the waist. Over time, the broom can be replaced with weights for more resistance.

At home running workout

From gym class, many people may remember running shuttles or suicides. A short running exercise at home can help to trim fat. Set up two chairs across the room from one another, making sure that there are no obstructions in the way. Run as fast as possible between each chair, each time touching the seat. Doing this for twenty minutes can help to burn calories.

At home pushups

Using one of the chairs from the last exercise, a modified push up is another one of the home workouts for women that can be performed easily by anybody. With the hands on the seat, a push up should be done until the chin can touch the back of the chair.

Home workouts for women that utilize simple materials that are around the home can help anyone to tone their bodies and get in better shape. It simply takes a bit of dedication and some time to do the exercises at home.

Got More Ideas?

These are only a few home workouts for women so please feel free to share the exercises you do at home and help others find the perfect fit for them.