More Nurse Practitioners Needed

Having insurance is a great step forward, but without adequate medical providers, there can still be frustratingly long waits for care.


Stop Boob Jobs on the NHS

Mr Hunt said each decision should be taken on a case by case basis and it should not be used to simply ‘improve the way someone looks’.


Keeping Fit in a Wheelchair

But if you’re a wheelchair user there are still many things you can do to achieve a healthy weight and stay fit.



There are a few very dangerous and surprisingly well circulated myths poisoning both healthy living and true healthy weight-loss.


As Good As the Real Thing: The Science Behind Synthetic Vitamins

However you swallow it, vitamins provide a valuable source of nutrients. Sure, you may know the ABCs of your daily intake, but do you know if you’re downing synthetic vitamins?


Overcome the Fear: Water Sports is Possible

You might have wanted to try extreme activities, say, and watersports—but are hesitant because of fear.


Beyond the Workout: The Most Effective Personal Training Session Your Clients Will Love

Still, there’s one lesson that does apply to every single one of us, no matter our age, condition or aspirations:


Looking After Your Parents Without Losing Your Way

Nothing can come close to preparing you for this roller coaster of emotions that most of us will have to deal with sooner or later.


‘Cheap’ Vitamins vs. Expensive Hospital Bills

As soon as viruses kick in, you’ll end up with the regret of not investing on your health. It takes even more effort to rest, recuperate, and buy medicines to get better.


Hearing the Sound of Senior Years

You may not be aware of it, but you should be looking into hearing aids which will fit you.

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