Eat lamb and lean beef meet and enhance your body energy.

Eating lamb and lean beef can enhance your energy; say a number of nutrition research findings.

Tyrosinefoods rich in tyrosine

These foods are known to contain high levels of amino acid tyrosine that can augment the level of the neurotransmitters namely dopamine and norepinephrine. These two hormones are actually energy boosters and are called as get-up-and-go brain chemicals.

Lamb and lean meat are rich in energy content by virtue of the amount of inseparable fat they possess. These kinds of meat are rich both in fats as well as proteins. They too have high iron content. Since these two are considerably very high in energy content than any other known kinds of meat, they are the ideal choice for weight gain and body building.


Creatine is evidently the one of the most important supplements for athletes and body builders. Lamb and lean beef meat are some of the richest sources of creatine. In an average, these two kinds of meat have about 350 mg creatine per 100 grams. For strength and weight building, nutrition experts recommend about 5 grams of creatine per day, which would ensue from about 1.4 kg of these kinds of meat.

Considering the above recommendations, changing your dietary practices with enough intake of lamb and lean beef meat can help you to a great extent especially if you are a body builder. However, this process should be sustainable and practical in the long haul in terms of economy and time. Therefore, you are the best judge to decide how you can benefit from the wonderful energy boosting advantages of these two kinds of meats.

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