If you haven’t noticed anyone with a strangely shaped cigarette in their hand, then the likelihood is that you will soon.

Currently all over the news, electronic cigarettes are the latest technology to come onto the market that can help you to quit smoking.

Unlike some of the other tools to help you take on the smoke free challenge, electronic cigarettes have really made it to the big time and are now common place on the morning commute, in the bars and even in the office. The question is though, what exactly are they and how do they work?


What is an E-Cigarette?

Simply put, an E-cigarette is a tube like device, sometimes resembling an actual cigarette and sometimes not. Held within the body of the E-cig is a battery and a small canister that contains water and liquid nicotine. They contain a small dose of nicotine, much like patches and the chewing gum. When you inhale the vapour through the electronic cigarette you exhale water vapour that makes you feel as if you are smoking, but that contains none of the harmful carcinogens that ordinary cigarettes hold.

Within ordinary cigarettes is a cocktail of nasty carcinogenic material that includes arsenic, benzene and a variety of pesticides. By switching to an electronic cigarette you are cutting out these harmful chemicals but still gaining the feeling of smoking. If you decide to try e-cigarettes to quit smoking, you should always choose a reputable company and take a look at options such as TABlites range of e-cigs and accessories.

How do they work?



Much like an ordinary cigarette you inhale through the body of the electronic cigarette and exhale the water vapour. This all happens through the use of a battery that heats up the internal water and nicotine mix, so that you can help to relieve your cravings. Depending upon which type of electronic cigarette you choose, you may need to charge the battery up for a couple of hours every few days, although there are disposable versions also available. In general, if you buy a starter kit they do need to be charged up every so often and will come with a set amount of nicotine that is the equivalent to so many packets of cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

This is the widely debated issue at the moment as electronic cigarettes have not yet been regulated within the UK. You will most probably have seen the recent news features about them and when they will become regulated, which may not be too long in the future. This doesn’t however mean that they are unsafe, all quitting smoking tools have had to undergo regulation and this is just another one waiting to be tested. Studies are also underway to evaluate the risks of electronic cigarettes and long-term side effects. One of the most important things to remember is to choose a reputable brand when buying your electronic cigarette; this is the advice from the industry experts and is the best way to ensure that you are using a high quality item.

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