Jetlag is something long distance travelers have to face whether it is for a family holiday or if your work takes you all over the world and often makes a few days either side of your flight a little unpleasant until you become used to the time difference. There are a number of ways in which to prevent or minimize the effects of jetlag all of which are essential, such as keeping hydrated and exercising; but one way in particular you can battle it that few may know about is SAD light therapy.


SAD Lights

SAD lights are more commonly used to help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in which a lack of sunlight particularly during winter months and especially in places in the Arctic and Antarctic circles causes sufferers to often become tired, lethargic and depressed. This is due to a lack of serotonin in the brain which is only produced when certain levels of sunlight hits the eye. SAD lights have been specifically designed to offer treatments to sufferers by simulating the sun’s rays in a number of different ways depending on your lifestyle; some can be used to replicate a sunrise and sunset at times of your choosing; others allow for specific timed treatments to work around your daily routine and there are even units similar to glasses that can be worn while you’re not doing anything too strenuous.

Due to the versatility with SAD light therapy it makes the use of sad ideal for helping to avoid the effects of jetlag. If you are able to spare a few days before your trip using a Dawn Simulator would allow you to adjust your body clock to the local time of your destination before hand by setting artificial sunrises and sets so you don’t have to try and do it during the flight and potentially waste the first few days recovering. During the flight it would be tricky to take advantage of using a SAD light due to it affecting other passengers but most flights do set their routine to the main destination they will arrive at which will help your body clock continue to adjust.

Obviously you won’t need to use a SAD light on arrival unless you plan to go somewhere with little sunlight or during their winter season and you won’t want to spend your last few days trying to change your body clock back but once you are home again you can help yourself readjust more easily with SAD therapy.

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