The State of Smoking and Tobacco in 2016

Everyone knows that smoking is very bad for your health. The dangers have been

well documented. Yet even in this day and age in 2016, there are still a billion

smokers in the world, which works out at approximately one in every seven people.

Unfortunately, almost four out of every five of these smokers live in low and middle

income countries and a lack of educational resources and access to free services

that assist with quitting tobacco smoking plays a significant part. Did you know that

only one in every three countries monitors tobacco use by repeating nationally

representative youth and adult surveys at least once every five years?

The statistics that surround smoking are still truly horrifying with eight million people

predicted to die annually from a tobacco-linked disease by 2030. 6 million people are

killed by tobacco on an annual basis currently in 2016.There are more than 4,000

chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 250 of these chemicals are known to be

harmful. What is still very shocking is that more than 50 of these chemicals are

known to cause cancer.

Second hand smoking is still a major and a very serious issue and kills more than

600,000 people every year. This is the particular tobacco smoke that fills enclosed

spaces where smokers burn tobacco products such as cigarettes and pipes where

non-smokers are present. These non-smokers breathe in this smoke, which is not by

choice and worse still is the fact that almost half of all children frequently breathe in

air filled with second hand smoke in public places.

Initiatives to discourage tobacco consumption are still considerably lesser than they

should be considering the serious and often fatal implications of regular tobacco

consumption. These initiatives include; national smoking cessation services,

stopping illegal tobacco trade, increasing tobacco taxes and advertising bans on

tobacco products. This infographic created by purplebox vapours highlights the
serious harm that tobacco smoke is still causing in the world today.

The State of Smoking and Tobacco in 2016