Exercise is an important and excellent way to stay healthy, and doing any form of exercise, no matter how moderate, will have a positive effect on your body.

If you want to see results a little faster and reach your goals, what should you be doing?

There are various different types of exercise that should be incorporated into your workout and it is important to note that everyone is different and should know their physical abilities before they begin.  Visit your doctor if you are unsure of this and if you have any injuries that could cause pain when exercising, visit an osteopathic clinic like www.blackswanosteopathy.com

Warm Up

A good warm up to increase your heart rate and prepare your body is imperative; this should include stretches on all the main muscle groups and some sort of cardiovascular exercise.  Depending on your workout of choice this can vary; if you are part of a team, your coach will instruct you on this, but if you are in a gym try a fast walk on a slight incline on the treadmill.

Cardiovascular Activity and Resistance Training

resistance-trainingThe structure of your workout after the warm up is entirely a personal choice, but to achieve the best effects it is important that it contains a mixture of cardiovascular activity and resistance training.  It has been suggested that if you want to burn fat then it is better to do cardio first, but this is entirely your decision, and sometimes alternating days between weights and cardio is good as it prevents you from getting too tired to achieve your best in either group.  If you are new to resistance and weight training, then visit www.ehow.com for tips.

Finding time to fit both of these types of exercise into one session can be tough, but it is better to have a short, diverse workout which incorporates both of these exercise types and focuses on your goals than to be there for a long time without benefits.  Ask at your local gym or visit www.wikipedia.com for more ideas and information on how to create your perfect program.

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