Physical activity helps our body function to its fullest potential – it’s no secret that people with sedentary lives have higher risks of developing health problems.

Did you know that sitting with bad posture is so bad for your health that it can actually counteract the benefits of exercise and healthy eating?

Here are a few reasons why you should sit upright and get moving.


Relieve back pain

Slumping for long periods of time causes problems with your back. Most of us work in an office setting, which means, most likely, that we sit for long periods of time on a daily basis. The majority of people, it turns out, are not sitting correctly, which causes pressure in the lower and middle back. Sitting upright with your shoulders back is especially necessary if you have back pain, because it will ease compression.

Sitting right tightens the tummy

Tummy rolls are a troublesome problem for men and women alike. But, did you know that sitting upright is a great way to tone and tighten the tummy? Sitting with your shoulders back and your back straight is a great way to tone your stomach. Sitting correctly actually engages your abdominal muscles, causing them to tighten.

Get moving

Studies show that sitting for long periods every day is detrimental for your health even if you exercise: individuals who exercise for an hour every day but sit for more than eight hours don’t reap all the benefits of exercise. Doctors recommend short bursts of activity throughout the workday. Some examples include walking to a co-worker’s desk or climbing a flight of stairs.

Slumping causes spider veins and cellulite

Slumping in your chair isn’t good for your legs, particularly for women: it reduced blood flow to their legs, which causes spider veins and cellulite. Those who sit upright and take short breaks from sitting have smoother legs.

Arthritis and muscle loss

Sitting for too much time without a proper break can lead to arthritis. The lack of activity can also cause muscle atrophy. Preventing both these problems is simple: take a break just once an hour from sitting.

Energy Boost

Those who sit upright and move throughout the day have more energy than those with more sedentary lives.

If you continue having back pains despite changing your posture in the chair, there may be something else at play, and you should certainly consult a physician. AXA PPP Healthcare and other U.K. insurance companies offer health plans with coverage for back pain specialists and others. Don’t put off seeking specialist help on this. Don’t think it’s serious enough to merit a trip to the doctor? Sitting has been called “the new smoking“. Yep – it’s time to get up.

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