Project Management Courses Medical device development can involve creating something totally new or improving upon a product that is already available. Project managers who work in this industry can be involved in the creation of a something that is going to save lives, so it is a fulfilling area to be involved in.

In order to fulfill their duties properly, a project manager needs suitable training, and this is where project manager courses come in.


Importance of Project Manager Courses

A project manager is expected to lead a team of highly competent and skilled professionals. Each of the members of this unit will be able to fulfill their own role (or at least they should be), but they are going to have different priorities. Without somebody there to look at the big picture, each professional would begin pulling in different directions and chaos would ensue.

In order for medical device development to proceed smoothly, the project manager needs to understand how all the difference pieces fit together at every stage of the process. This role usually involves representing the client (or organisation) and taking responsibility for initiation, planning, progress, and completion of the project.

Project manager courses give participants the opportunity to gain all the knowledge needed to lead in the development of medical devices. Without this knowledge, there is likely to be confusion, wastage, miscommunication, delays, and safety issues.

Gantus Project Management Courses

Gantus provides professionals courses specifically designed for project managers involved in medical device development. The content of the 4-day course for project managers include things like risk management, project planning, legal obligations, standards (e.g. ISO 14971 and ISO 13485), design control, scheduling, and project models. Successful completion of the course is recognised with a certificate, and all study materials are provided. Gantus is able to provide professional training on-site if requested.