What is an Acoustic Neuroma?

Finding out whether or not the growth is benign (non-cancerous) can quickly become a life changing countdown that leaves many stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety and the constant wonder of “what if.”


Bluetooth: The Answer to the Hearing Impaired’s Prayers?

Hearing aids are one of the most relied upon devices to allow clearer hearing and the ability to not be slowed down by the impairment.


Tackle Stress With These 5 Easy Tips

The problem is, the hormones and physical responses to stress need to be worked out of our systems so they won’t cause health problems.


Medical Billing and Coding: Saving Billions or Burdening the System?

If you’re planning to enter a career in medical billing and coding you need to understand how these money matters work and understand how you can be part of the solution. But first:


The Importance Of Being Upright

Did you know that sitting with bad posture is so bad for your health that it can actually counteract the benefits of exercise and healthy eating?


Motivational music – Where would we be without it?

Music is known to work as a conductor for well being and can be linked to decreased stress levels and depression, this can also be said for regular exercise, so naturally put the two together and you have a recipe for success!


The Latest Steroid Scandal in Baseball: Does it Matter?

Major League Baseball is being rocked by yet another scandal involving its players using illegal substances.


A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

You can increase the durability of your hearing aids manifold by taking a few simple precautions when using them.


Improve your Health and Fitness with Portable Oxygen

But that’s no longer the case, as several companies have now brought aerosol sized tanks of portable oxygen to the market. These tanks are inexpensive, and can easily be carried in the pocket or a bag.


Ten Useful Tips to Help You Care for Your Elderly Parents

Of course, you will feel duty-bound to care for your mother and father as their health begins to let them down, but you must be prepared for a difficult and potentially stressful experience.

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