When you are keen to lose weight in a healthy way without resorting to weight loss pills and crash diets, you should consider diet programs being offered by diet planners like Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem has helped millions of dieters all around the world lose weight without depending on medications and fad diets.

Their meal plans focus on teaching the dieter about the value of eating the right kinds of foods instead of doing away with entire food groups altogether.


The company offers low-calorie portion-controlled diet meals to their consumers in microwaveable pouches. The meals are precooked with essential ingredient and foods low in GI or glycemic index. They are packed in pouches and have to be heated before consumption. With such meals being delivered to your doorstep, you are spared of the hassles of cooking healthy meals at home or counting the calories every time you eat.

How it works

Diet plans

Nutrisystem offers a wide range of meal plans for different kinds of customers. So you can choose from plans for men and women, for kids and seniors, for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and even for people suffering from medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. All plans are designed keeping in view the health needs of the individual dieter. You can also customize the meal plans to include your dietary preferences.

Low calorie portion controlled meals


The foods in the Nutrisystem meals are essentially low in calories and glycemic index which allows you to keep your blood glucose levels in check. The meals also contain more fiber, whole grains and lean proteins and less of bad carbs so that your blood pressure levels are also stable. Nutrisystem planners encourage you to include fresh fruits and veggies in the diet to supplement their diet meals. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even snacks and desserts, you have a huge variety of menu options to choose from. Since all the meals are available in limited portions, you will not end up overeating. Nutrisystem believes in eating multiple mini-meals during the day to squelch food cravings in between the main meals.

Unbeatable prices


Instead of spending a fortune on a gym membership or an exorbitantly priced weight loss program, you can actually lose weight steadily by following diet programs by Nutrisystem. Their meal plans are competitively priced and you can enjoy healthy diet meals for less than $11 a day. Nutrisystem offers discounts and coupons periodically and using them the price can come below $8 a day. You can choose a mixture of frozen and shelf-stable foods or ready-to-go meals depending on your preferences. Once the orders are placed online, you will receive the meal packages within ten business days. Different meal plans have different prices and some even include shipping charges. For instance, diet plans for diabetics or diet plans for men are typically costlier. Auto-delivery plans typically cost less. You can get their meal plans for lower rates when you have their discount coupon codes.

Online support

With Nutrisystem you can enjoy round-the-clock dietary advice from their experts. The website also provides many handy resources and tools like weight trackers to ensure that you do not jump off the wagon. You can also get valuable tips on weight loss from fellow dieters when you become part of their huge online community.

Nutrisystem therefore basically offers a perfect balance of convenience and structure as far as healthy dieting is concerned. Following Nutrisystem plans helps you inculcate positive lifestyle changes and healthy eating habits. Low calorie good carbs helps you digest lowly and burn calories at the same time while the protein-rich meals keep you full for longer.

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