We have all experienced those low energy levels after a long day at work or when you’re not feeling 100%. Luckily most of us can turn to music to lift our spirits and energy levels.

Music is known to work as a conductor for well being and can be linked to decreased stress levels and depression, this can also be said for regular exercise, so naturally put the two together and you have a recipe for success!

It’s extremely rare to see many people exercising and working out without a pair of headphones and iPod or similar attached to their person. More and more people are turning to MP3 players and iPods as a way to listen to an array of music and create their very own personal playlists, depending on the mood they’re in or what they are doing, such as party mixes, driving mixes and gym playlists.

If you need more storage then you’ll need to invest in the latest model of music technology. And the best thing is, you can get money for your iPod to buy a newer model and ensure you have a playlist for every occasion.


Music and Exercise

Music can have an instant impact on your endurance levels and help you workout for longer. To get the most out of your workout ensure you are listening to the right kind of music to get your heart racing and blood pumping – a playlist of ballads and slow songs isn’t going to be much help when you’re thinking of giving up on the treadmill. It’s not just the beats to bear in mind when creating a motivational workout playlist, lyrics can play a big part in this too. Looking out for extremely motivational lyrics and songs which send out positive messages about keeping strong, looking forward and not giving up are great ones to add to your list of songs.

We’ve created our list of top 10 motivational tracks you might like to try on your next work out, either at the gym or at home or during a run. We have tried to source great songs through the years and remind you of some of the most motivational songs out there! We hope they motivate you as much as they did us!

Top 10 motivational tracks

1. Africa – Toto

2. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

3. Give it Up – KC & The Sunshine Band

4. The Heat is On – Glenn Frey

5. Holding Out For A Hero – Bonnie Tyler

6. Invisible Touch – Genesis

7. We Built This City – Starship

8. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

9. Thunderstruck – AC/DC

10. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

This playlist is guaranteed to get your energy levels jumping and motivate you to the next level. It consists of both great beats and uplifting lyrics which we’re sure your friends will want to borrow for their next workout. Add these great motivational songs to your own playlists and mix tapes on your iPod and MP3 players to make sure you succeed in not only your next work out but the next few hundred ahead as well!

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