Medical negligence is a serious offence. More so because an injury or illness sustained through medical negligence is the fault of the very person or provider who was supposed to be taking care of you. However much we like to put faith in our healthcare provider, instances of medical negligence are sometimes more common than we might think.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence which has adversely affected your health or well being then you might be well advised to file a medical negligence claim.

It’s Not Your FaultMedical Negligence

Sometimes the hardest part of deciding whether or not to claim after sustaining an injury or ill effect as a result of medical negligence can be trying to determine who’s at fault. This is why finding an experienced specialist injury claim solicitor – like those at Mayiclaim – is the first crucial step in assessing your right to claim compensation.

If you have suffered an injury and believe your healthcare provider to be at fault, then you have every right to make a claim. The right solicitor will be able to talk you through all of your options and provide you with the right information which will inform how you proceed with your claim.

How to Claim Injury Compensation

In addition to providing you with expert information, your solicitor may arrange for you to consult with a specialist independent medical expert who can verify your right to claim. You will need to provide supporting evidence to show your right to claim injury compensation. You may need to pay for such evidence, however if you win your case you may be able to claim your expenses back from your opponent.

Medical negligence claims rest on your being able to prove that the standard of care you received fell below what could have been ‘reasonably expected’. You can claim for medical negligence if you have suffered adversely as a result of being given the wrong treatment, have been injured whilst in the direct care of your healthcare provider (for example, whilst undergoing surgery or staying in hospital), or if you have suffered neglect which has caused you harm.

A personal injury claim for medical negligence can be lengthy, but if you find the right solicitor they will be with you throughout your claim, providing you with the support and care you deserve and need to ensure that your claim will be a success.