Yoga is a practice that combines exercise with relaxation and breathing techniques. It is one of the most gentle forms of exercise, especially at the beginner level.

Yoga has been proven to help people lose weight and as a way to deal with stress.

However, yoga is also great for recovering from sports injuries. Here’s a look at some of the ways yoga can help.


It’s gentle

Yoga keeps you moving and keeps you in shape, but it’s not hard on your joints or muscles. Yoga is designed to gently build strength and flexibility without pushing too hard. Yoga is safe for any fitness level and age. You can practice yoga without fear of further injury. You can even use it as a warm-up or cool-down from your regular exercise routine.

It’s adaptable

There is not only one way to do yoga correctly. You can adapt it to fit your needs. Unlike more strenuous activities like running and weightlifting, yoga can be modified to work for you. You can work your injury a little harder or give it a rest when necessary. In addition, you can hold poses for as long as necessary for you.

It promotes healing

Yoga is all about getting in tune with your body. It is also about preventing injury. Most importantly, yoga promotes injury recovery.   Breathing techniques are utilized to make sure you can feel what’s going on inside. It also helps relax your body rather than tense up. People who practice yoga experience far fewer injuries and heal much faster thanks to the holistic aspect of yoga.

It really does work

Holding a pose for longer than a minute actually helps restore connective tissues holding for longer than five minutes is proven to dramatically reduce inflamation, tightness, and soreness in muscles. In addition, meditation as a part of yoga practice helps athletes to keep their minds clear and ready for recovery.

In general, yoga has amazing health benefits, but it also is perfect for recovering from an injury. You will increase flexibility and reduce pain. Practicing yoga will give you a calmer and more relaxed view of your recovery and of life.