Dentist Abroad

A perfect first impression is quite important, as you never get a second chance. But can anyone create a positive image with an unhealthy smile?

Nowadays access to NHS affordable dental treatment or cosmetic dentistry is becoming incredibly difficult, and private dental treatment is so expensive that some people even consider taking out a loan to afford it. In the current situation more and more Europeans are deciding to go on dental vacation to save on their dental bills, have unforgettable holidays and fulfill their dream of having a beautiful smile. Is dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry abroad worth considering?

Undoubtedly, individuals who seek cosmetic dentistry outside the country keep a single thought in mind: the cost advantage. In many countries in Europe, the United Kingdom and in the US, dental care is very costly, particularly when you need a full-mouth restoration, extensive or difficult oral reconstructive work.

The expansion of budget airlines makes it possible to hop over to Hungary, Poland, Serbia or Bulgaria for check-ups with a skilled dentist, cleaning or whitening, or for more extensive dental care, surgeries or implants.  A quick flight can save you a few thousand Euros in dental bills. Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Romania or Bulgaria are a short journey by plane from many European countries, ensuring immediate access to care and excellent dentistry.  

But dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry is not for everyone. If you happen to suffer from asthma or you have heart disease you should consult with your physician or your dentist, who knows your full health and medical history, before booking or heading out on your dental trip.

If you have come to a decision to have your teeth done at an overseas dental clinic, bear in mind that doing in-depth research on only one dental centre doesn’t make it as good as another.  Read reviews and testimonials of patients who underwent dental implant treatment at your chosen clinics, check out forums and discussion boards, ask about the dentist’s training and professional experience, find out how often you will need to visit a dentist and calculate how much you would save on your dental care overall.  

Pick a few overseas dental centres, phone or mail them to see whether you get a prompt and detailed answer, see how the dentist interacts with you and whether you like it and feel comfortable. Remember to avoid the mistake of ineffective communication, make certain your physician and overseas dentist understands your plan for dental treatment and gets access to all of your medical records and up-to-date tests, scans or whatever else they require. When cosmetic dentistry treatment is performed, remember to fully inform your local physician about it, and provide them with copies of your treatment records.  

Once you fulfill your dream of a Hollywood smile, good after treatment care is essential for a successful and effective outcome.