Professional sports people have been using oxygen as part of their training and recovery for years. Roger Bannister, the famous four minute miler, used it in the 1950’s.

The problem for ordinary sports enthusiasts has always been than oxygen could only be transported in heavy and expensive medical style cylinders.

But that’s no longer the case, as several companies have now brought aerosol sized tanks of portable oxygen to the market. These tanks are inexpensive, and can easily be carried in the pocket or a bag.

Benefits to Portable Oxygen

oxygen-for-sportsBreathing almost pure oxygen brings a number of benefits to athletes – oxygen is the fuel that allows the muscles and brain to function, and also helps those to repair and recovery more quickly when they have been stressed.

Breathing 99.5% oxygen can help you do more, do it faster, do so for longer and recover more quickly, and it comes without all the downsides of conventional energy supplements, which almost always have a high sugar and / or caffeine content.

Although most of these new portable oxygen products are aimed at sports people, there are a number of other benefits to breathing oxygen:

  • It can help with headaches or hangovers
  • It can help concentration when working
  • It’s useful at altitude to replace the missing oxygen
  • It’s beneficial in areas of high pollution
  • Oxygen helps clear harmful nitrogen from the system after scuba diving

The tanks themselves are simple aerosols, with up to 10 litres of the gas under pressure, often with a minty flavour. They’re easy to use – you simply place the nozzle close to the mouth and breathe in deeply, typically 4 or 5 times. Once empty, the tanks can be disposed of with your recycling.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest breathing oxygen helps sports people train harder, and a lot of testimonials around the Internet from serious sports people who are benefitting from using the product.

You can find out much more about Portable oxygen products here


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