Now into February, this is the month where most people’s motivation toward their New Year’s Resolution to get fit begins to flag.  And to be honest, it is not particularly surprising – with the weather being the way it has lately (cold, wet, snowy), no one wants to go out for a run in the early morning.

We’ve all been cutting back on the calories since 2013 rolled around, so by now the temptation to just grab a jam doughnut or a cheese and onion pasty has worked itself into a miniature frenzy, just about ready to blow.

Are you finding your will fraying away at the edges? Are you tempted by the bag of crisps at the back of the cupboard? Or considering ditching the jog for a spot of Jeremy Kyle? If so, this article is for you; here are our tips to help you keep your motivation up.

ExerciseCommit Yourself

Make sure people know what you’re doing, how long you’re planning to do it for, and what your ultimate goal is. Announce your intentions publicly, so do something like post your plans all over Facebook, or just tell a few friends.

This way, you are making yourself accountable for your actions – by failing, you will be letting your friends down! If nothing else, the shame of having to tell your friends you’ve given up should be motivation enough.

Get to It!

Some days, it’ll feel like the world is against you. You’ve just got your running shoes on and it’s started bucketing down outside, or you’ve dropped your salad on the floor and all you’ve got left in the fridge is bacon.

Instead of worrying about how difficult or unfair your task is, just do it! Once you start, you’ll find it much easier to carry on.

Get Help

Get friends to back you up with your exercise routine, or find a group of like-minded people – a tennis club, for instance. Chat with other people doing the same thing in a forum, and make sure you reward yourself often for all your hard work (but not with a big cake!).

Set yourself smaller, more accomplishable goals in the short term, to allow you to experience little victories on the way to The Big One.

Desperate Times? Desperate Measures!

If you are really finding yourself struggling to keep at it, there is one cure-all remedy you can take. It will rejuvenate your energy and passion for what you’re doing, and keep you fit at the same time. What is this magic cure? It’s a wellness holiday, from Electric Bloom.

With personal trainers on hand to keep you motivated, as well as sun, sand and sea to keep you happy and refreshed, a fitness holiday is the perfect way to get back into the spirit of exercise. If you feel your efforts waning and need to treat yourself, you can’t go wrong with one of these!