Adult Kaye WalkerEverybody can do with a helping hand once in a while, whether it is with reaching those tricky areas or accessing the wider environment, so disabled people, in particular, can benefit from a range of modern devices, designed to make those everyday tasks that little bit easier.

We all have specific needs and regardless of whether we are able-bodied or disabled, there will be some things we struggle with more than others, often resulting in frustration.

This is where specialist aids can be really beneficial as they assist in getting jobs done and allowing a multitude of tasks to be performed much more easily and often with little expense involved.

There are a range of different products on the market, tailored to varying needs and specialist devices which can help provide a little additional support wherever and whenever it is needed. Products can be split into categories with the main two being those which are used in various different capacities and those which instead perform a specialist function.

Multi-purpose Aids

There are some things which can be used for many purposes and as such can be handy to have in the house as they can be moved around depending on the need for them. Grab rails are one particular aid that can make life much easier and as a result they can be invaluable in terms of providing added stability and a degree of confidence.

Specialist scissors are another useful item which can transfer themselves to many tasks, whilst items like grabbers and window pulls can help with picking up items or opening and closing windows and doors more easily. Non slip mats are a basic health and safety staple which can offer peace of mind as well as grip and flexibility.

Task Specific Aids

As individuals it is up to us to determine which tasks we have a particular difficulty performing and then we can seek out the right equipment to help us achieve them. The bathroom, in particular, can present a reasonable level of risk and challenge so supports such as shower stools, bath chairs and long handled wash brushes can make personal care easier, ensuring dignity.

Meanwhile using a car can offer huge freedom and convenience, especially to those with a disability and thankfully there are many adaptations which can occur to making driving more comfortable. Adapted cars are a possibility, as is using a standard car with special features such as raised seats, hoists, larger mirrors and magnifiers.

There are a number of brilliant mobility and disability aids available which are successful at offering support when it comes to leading a fulfilled life for those requiring some assistance with certain things. New technology has brought with it much advancement, helping to cater to a wider array of varying needs. By improving mobility, or offering support to achieve daily tasks, these devices help us to go about our daily business with confidence, safe in the knowledge that regardless of disability, it is possible to have some assistance and to be independent and well-supported.