Happy Mother's Day

For a long time, candy and flowers were considered the perfect gift to give mom; she could sit on the couch munching on chocolates, and watching the flowers wilt; what could be better? It turns out that a whole lot of things are better. These days, moms are getting off the couch, and hitting the gym. Active moms don’t want empty calories; they want gifts that fit in with a healthy lifestyle.

If the Shoe Fits

Shoes are always a hit. Every active mom can use a great pair of workout sneakers. Cross trainers are the perfect choice of sneaker for the active mom. With a pair of cross trainers, mom can walk hike or run in comfort and style.

For the truly active mom who is into more robust sports, a great pair of sneakers can help her get more out of her workout, cross trainers are the perfect sneaker choice, and they can be used for any sport. Pick up two pairs, so that mom can choose the pair that suits her mood before she hits the road.

The Gear that Grinds

If your mom is into Yoga or Pilates, give her a gift basket of all the latest equipment. From specialized mats and shoes, to micro-fiber sweats that keep her cool while she feels the burn, there are hundreds of ideas in this fitness category that any active mother would love.

As an added treat, toss in a few of the latest training videos so that she can shake up her routine and learn some new moves. Just remember to choose videos that focus on the experience level that your mom is used to.

Sign ‘er Up

For true variety in exercise, nothing beats regularly attending a fitness center. If she isn’t a member already, how about giving mom a gift membership to the local gym? That way mom can work-out all year long and remember you every time she does.

We live in a different time than when a box of chocolates was all it took to make mom happy. These days our moms lead active and healthier lives. It’s about time that we updated the gifts that we give them to reflect this.