For couples that decide to undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), finding the right clinic can feel like a long and difficult practice. With an increasing number choosing to go abroad, options are broader than ever.

Taking the fertility clinic selection process slowly is often central to successfully falling pregnant.


What is IVF and How Should Couples Choose a Clinic?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves forming an embryo outside of the body, before implanting it in the uterus. When choosing a clinic, couples first need to consider why they need IVF. While one clinic may be particularly adept at dealing with PCOS, it may not be as proficient in tackling cases involving endometriosis. Some, such asĀ Invimed, are skilled at dealing with particularly complex IVF cases.

In addition, it’s necessary to consider the services each clinic offers. Some can connect couples with an egg donor or sperm donor, whereas others rely on the couple to find one themselves. For some, especially those travelling abroad, having an egg donor attached to the clinic they choose is an essential convenience.

Can Couples Inquire About Success Rates?

All great fertility clinics will happily discuss their previous success rates with couples, especially in relation to the particular fertility concern that’s preventing them from falling pregnant. In addition to success rates, some may also want to look at the costs of IVF. Older women are likely to require more than one treatment cycle and therefore may need to consider the costs of each clinic against their proposed budget.

Costs aside, it’s always important that couples feel comfortable with the clinic they choose. Undergoing IVF can sometimes feel stressful. When a couple feels comfortable with the clinicians and clinic they choose, reduced stress can enhance their chances of success. When choosing one, it’s always important to take a look around, ask lots of questions, and establish a good relationship with the staff.