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The State of Smoking and Tobacco in 2016

The State of Smoking and Tobacco in 2016


Eight Ways to Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

So what do you do if your dentist phobia is serious enough to consider not going altogether?


Mesothelioma: It Doesn’t Always Affect the Lungs

In addition to pleural mesothelioma, this illness can be grouped into three other categories, each of which affects the body in different ways.


The Future of Pregnancy: Fertilization, Diagnostics, and Delivery

Here are a look at some of the newest and most exciting things to come out of this space in decades.


Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic for IVF

Taking the fertility clinic selection process slowly is often central to successfully falling pregnant.


Looking After Your Parents Without Losing Your Way

Nothing can come close to preparing you for this roller coaster of emotions that most of us will have to deal with sooner or later.


Facts On STDs And Infections

So allow us to provide you with some essential and 100% true facts about STDs:


5 of the Strangest Human Allergies in Existence

But some rare allergies are much more strange and confounding — to the extent that one wonders how it might even be possible to live with a few of them.


When your medical care goes wrong

Being able to trust that the care you receive is both adequate and appropriate is paramount to your recovery, so when things go wrong, you obviously feel let down.


Six Things to Consider When Deciding to Age at Home

The decision to spend the later years in one’s life at home should be discussed with physicians, loved ones and family members.

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