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5 Benefits Of Kids Yoga: Here’s Why You Must Get Your Kid Enrolled

It not only calms them down but has an overall positive impact on their mind, body and soul.


Do You Have What It Takes? America Special Operation Forces [Infographic]

Have you ever wondered about special operation forces? Are you interested in the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, other military division?


Overcome the Fear: Water Sports is Possible

You might have wanted to try extreme activities, say, and watersports—but are hesitant because of fear.


Should you have weight loss surgery?

It’s no surprise, then, that a raft of miracle ‘cures’ for obesity have cropped up over the past decade or so, the most prominent being weight loss surgery.


Five Natural Supplements that Fitness Buffs Need to Consider

The simple fact is, as the world has progressed and more and more synthesized supplements have come out, scientific research has also proven the benefit of many herbs and the positive effects of natural anti-oxidants and energy enhancing herbs.


Is Preventative Surgery the Answer to Breast Cancer?

Many wouldn’t have previously considered such a dramatic procedure to prevent them from getting breast cancer, but it seems the Jolie effect is catching on as more and more women are considering mastectomies as a preventative option.

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Create Active Activities for Retirement Facilities

Today, most retirement homes or communities have residents who are more active than ever before. Today’s retirees are enjoying their golden years with more fun and vigor.


Staying Calm When the Family Schedule is Out of Control

It doesn’t take long to start feeling overwhelmed when trying to make sure everybody is where they need to be, gets picked up on time and has everything they need.


Five of the Best Moments of the London Paralympics

There were so many great moments to the Olympic Games, like Mo’s awe inspiring win and Murray beating Federer for the gold (not to mention the insane opening ceremony, and especially the daring exploits of Her Majesty), but there were just as many in the Paralympics.

Michael George

My Interview with Michael George

Whether you are someone who is interested in fitness, or want to be successful in the fitness industry, you will find this interview interesting and eye-opening.

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