Healthcare Industry


The Work Life Balance

What you need to do is find a way to work in the health field that doesn’t actively battle against your need for a solid work-life balance.


5 Criteria for Choosing the Right Medical Transcription School

There’s always a way to determine the right online medical transcriptionist school and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 criteria on which to choose the right school for you.


5 Rewarding Careers in Healthcare Where You Can Make a Difference

There is much more to a career in health care than job security and decent pay, however.


More Nurse Practitioners Needed

Having insurance is a great step forward, but without adequate medical providers, there can still be frustratingly long waits for care.


Pharmacist Vs Pharmacy Technician [infographic]

Both the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician work together to meet the health needs of patients but their roles are very distinct.


Anesthesia Machines and the Healthcare Field

One of the top professional industries for career success and longevity is in health care.


Medical Billing and Coding: Saving Billions or Burdening the System?

If you’re planning to enter a career in medical billing and coding you need to understand how these money matters work and understand how you can be part of the solution. But first:


Jobs in Healthcare [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking to start a career? Maybe, you want to change your career. Why not try the healthcare industry? On average there are over 10,000 jobs in healthcare available at any one time. Not all of these jobs require health related qualifications; you can work as a data input clerk, accounts officer, or even […]

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