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Stop Boob Jobs on the NHS

Mr Hunt said each decision should be taken on a case by case basis and it should not be used to simply ‘improve the way someone looks’.


Could the proposed ban on electronic cigarettes push smokers back to tobacco products?

However, there are real concerns that the proposed ban on a variety of electronic cigarettes could push smokers back towards tobacco products.


The Latest Steroid Scandal in Baseball: Does it Matter?

Major League Baseball is being rocked by yet another scandal involving its players using illegal substances.

Egg donation

Rising Popularity Of Egg Donation

It is now possible, through egg donation, for women who are unable to produce healthy eggs of their own, to have a biological child.


A brief guide to the EU’s 2013 changes to cosmetics regulations

While the amendments may not have a big impact for firms already in the habit of conducting thorough safety checks on their ingredients, it’s still worth being aware of the implications of the new rules.

Children with AIDS

Three Ways That Health Organizations Work for Children with AIDS

The enormity of the AIDS epidemic’s impact on children in the developing world cannot be ignored

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