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Four Ways to Quit Smoking in 2014

While it’s never going to be easy to kick the habit, especially if you’re a heavy smoker, there is plenty of support out there to make use of.


Four Different Types of Hearing Loss

There are, in fact, various different types of hearing loss): sensorineural, conductive, mixed and central.


Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Dry Eyes

Although tears are most prominent when you laugh or cry, your eyes are in fact always covered by a layer of liquid known as the tear film.


What Are Electronic Cigarettes and How Safe Are They?

Currently all over the news, electronic cigarettes are the latest technology to come onto the market that can help you to quit smoking.


Using SAD Light Therapy to Fight Jetlag

Jetlag is something long distance travelers have to face whether it is for a family holiday or if your work takes you all over the world and often makes a few days either side of your flight a little unpleasant until you become used to the time difference. There are a number of ways in […]


The Importance Of Being Upright

Did you know that sitting with bad posture is so bad for your health that it can actually counteract the benefits of exercise and healthy eating?

Residental care for your loved one

Finding Residential Care for Your Loved Ones

Because caring for someone who needs you and having such a big responsibility isn’t that easy to deal with on your own; it’s very important that you get the right support when caring for, or looking for residential care for your relatives.

Post natal care

Pre-Natal Preparations to Help Your Children Grow Naturally Tall

This is why it is very important to have a healthy and complication-free pregnancy. After all, you are laying the foundations for a future that includes being endowed with an admirable stature.

Can of portable oxygen

Top reasons to start using portable oxygen products

Increasing your oxygen intake can help improve your concentration, balance your energy levels and improve your fitness endurance.


Understanding Neuropathy: Causes and Means of Prevention

This nerve disorder is the result of nerves that connect the brain to the spinal cord being twisted and clasped together.

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