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7 reasons to stop counting calories

People often ask me why I don’t emphasize counting calories, especially for people who are looking to lose a lot of weight. I always answer that while I feel there is an importance in understanding and keeping track of the types and amounts of food that you consume on a daily basis – especially if […]


Avoiding a Volleyball Injury [Infographic]

To avoid an injury, you will want to invest in some quality protective gear and learn how to properly warm up for a game.


CrossFit Etiquette: Beginners Guide to Fitting In

That’s cool. We are going to rectify that with this article, so take note and please try to make CrossFit a positive experience, not just for you, but for your fellow CrossFitters too.


Beyond the Workout: The Most Effective Personal Training Session Your Clients Will Love

Still, there’s one lesson that does apply to every single one of us, no matter our age, condition or aspirations:


5 Ways To Have Fun Exercising And Getting In Shape

Getting in shape doesn’t need to be boring.


What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

Many wonder, since yoga does not involve running around and sweating like a mad thing, whether it is a suitable form of exercise to fit into a health routine. True; if you want to shed the pounds, you have got to burn calories – but there is more to a healthy lifestyle than being wafer […]


The Perfect Exercise Program

If you want to see results a little faster and reach your goals, what should you be doing?


Motivational music – Where would we be without it?

Music is known to work as a conductor for well being and can be linked to decreased stress levels and depression, this can also be said for regular exercise, so naturally put the two together and you have a recipe for success!


Improve your Health and Fitness with Portable Oxygen

But that’s no longer the case, as several companies have now brought aerosol sized tanks of portable oxygen to the market. These tanks are inexpensive, and can easily be carried in the pocket or a bag.


The Importance of Post-Liposuction Exercise

Failure to follow a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle after a liposuction procedure can cause a gain of visceral fat. In other words, lack of post-liposuction exercise runs the risk of regaining abdominal fat, regardless of the location of the fat lost through the procedure.

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