There are 300 million people in the world that have some form of hearing impairment and rely on technology to allow them to do the things that others, with no disabilities, take for granted.

Hearing aids are one of the most relied upon devices to allow clearer hearing and the ability to not be slowed down by the impairment.

The hearing aid is adaptable to the persons disability and fine tunes things so they have some level of hearing improvement in either one or both ears. Hearing aids, unfortunately do not give the ability to hear all manner of items that are used on a daily basis, there are very real limitations and they can only access and fine tune certain tones and pitches and in ways that have made many technological items unavailable to those that have hearing related problems.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids


Bluetooth is the answer to so many problems that the hearing impaired face. The Bluetooth connects easily to most smartphones and enables the user to have their mobile phone go above and beyond and change the way they live their lives and enjoy a better quality of hearing.

The devices is wireless and is another example of a hidden hearing tool that allows the user to tackle their impairment without the world knowing. Audio output devices can be a struggle for those with a hearing problem but the Bluetooth works in a way to make them accessible like never before. Phones, computers and music devices are all now able to be used by the hearing challenged. They work in connection with hearing aids, sending signals to both aids to allow a different form of sound to be picked up. This technology is the perfect solution for those that have struggled when watching television and using mobile phones to hold conversations.

The Bluetooth technology encourages the left and right aids to communicate with one another, which will allow the wearer to hone in on important speech cues and begin to recognize and identify the sounds that are created. The localisation of sound is improved and there is a better speech to noise ratio, which drowns out the unnecessary sounds that can be heard.

This advancement in hearing technology focuses on specific impairments that will pave the way for future developments and will completely overhaul the way a hearing impairment is dealt with and resolved.

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