With summer fast approaching, many folks with an eye to spending a portion of it on a beach, decide last minute that they’d like a nice body fast. Being that it is as common a fantasy as it is unreasonable, companies swarm to capitalise and supply for the overwhelming demand.

There are super quick fixes employed by bodybuilders and models that we won’t discuss (pre-show red wine for dehydration and skin-tightening etc.).

There are a few very dangerous and surprisingly well circulated myths poisoning both healthy living and true healthy weight-loss.

Here are some of the more prevalent fabrications.


juicingJuicing is literally the process by which one removes the juice from fruits and vegetables. But then, rather than discard that waste liquid containing a great deal of sugar and not a great deal of vitamins, people tend to do away with the pulp and fibre and attempt to subsist on the juice alone! Fruit and vegetables are essential, and a lot of their value lies in their solid matter- the juice alone holds a lot less nutritional worth than you’d imagine.


It does sound counterproductive but trust me, if you’re eating the same amount of food a day but timing it correctly, you can stimulate your metabolism into speeding up. 3 big meals divided into 6 smaller ones is a good start, but you’d do well to remember as well that having a lot of carbs or fatty foods too soon before bed is a poor strategy too. Even making sure to remember breakfast can have a great impact on your ability to metabolise food for the rest of the day.


ab_exercise_beltIf you’ve ever stayed up past your bedtime (which you shouldn’t have if you’re serious about losing weight- losing weights means exercise, and exercise means proper sleep) then you can’t fail to have missed the late night infomercials for what’s being called by them alone “the latest craze”.


There are creams and gels such as Madform’s slimming sports cream that is purported to contain Butcher’s Broom, Guarana, Lemon, something called L-Carnitine, and even Caffeine in an attempt to slim you up better than any Ab Exercise Belt.


eating_lessThe worst misinformation that gets spread about is that eating less can causes you to lose weight. Although technically accurate, your objective shouldn’t be simply to lose weight. Eating less can cause loss of muscle weight, can put  your body into starvation mode meaning that you’ll pile weight back on even worse, and can leave you with all types of vitamin deficiencies.


Carry on eating; eat as much as you want, just make sure it’s food that’s good for you. The type of slim you’ll get will persist, and the lifestyle will keep your weight down. Try swapping greasy and processed snacks for nuts and fruit, or even yogurt. And swap fizzy drinks for water or milk. In fact, water is vital and amazing for becoming healthier. And to be honest, the healthier your diet becomes the more food you can safely consume.

PRO TIP: Try working out before breakfast, all of the great boxers employ this technique when getting into great shape.

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