Once the decision to pursue a medical transcription program has been made comes the bigger task of choosing the right medical transcription school. How do you tell the medical transcription school you’re considering is legitimate? Is there a way to be sure of the quality of education you receive at the school? You’re in luck because there is!

There’s always a way to determine the right online medical transcriptionist school and we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 criteria on which to choose the right school for you.


Make sure the school is registered with BBB

It can be unnerving to choose a medical transcriptionist school when you’re unsure about it legitimacy in the first place. Well, the Better Business Bureau can help you with that! With over 30 million businesses functioning in North America alone, BBB helps give you reviews, reports, important information about a business and above all tells you whether the business is operating legitimately leaving no room for doubt. Always check with the BBB to make sure the school is registered with them before anything else.

AHDI-approved Medical Transcription curriculum

Any reputed medical transcription training school will offer an AHDI-approved curriculum. The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is the world’s largest organization working to advance health data documentation by setting standards for education and practice in the medical transcription/ medical transcription editing field. Enquire about the course curriculum to make sure it’s an AHDI-approved curriculum when you find a medical transcription school that interests you.

The courses taught by the medical transcription school

According to The Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription, 4th edition, published by AHDI, a medical transcription school should provide classes in English grammar and punctuation, medical terminology, pharmacology disease processes and more. Question the school about the different courses it offers to make sure all the necessary grounds are covered during your training period. If you get the feeling that the school isn’t necessarily covering all the necessary courses, then continue your search and find one that does.

Qualified instructors from the field

Who better to teach you medical transcription that qualified, experienced medical transcriptionists themselves? Enquire about the instructors that conduct these classes and find out about their credentials. This is absolutely essential as it these instructors that train you in the profession and make you career-ready; ready to take on the real world upon graduation.

Student and career services

You want to attend a medical transcription school that offers a bunch of student and career services to make your journey through the program easier and fruitful. A good medical transcription school like Career Step will make provisions for student help-lines, study planners, student forums where students can interact with their classmates, help with individual careers in the form of career guidance and consultations, and even help with drafting effective resumes and preparing for interviews upon completion of the course.

Medical transcription is an upcoming, rewarding allied healthcare career that has opened up a world of job opportunities for thousands of people across the country. You, too, can be a part of this exciting career with the right kind of training. Make sure you do your research well and you’re sure to find a medical transcription school that is ideal for you!