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Healthy Goals

Healthy Goals for 2013

Embarking on a new fitness programme is something many people think about every time January comes around, but very few actually do it.


What Is Causing Childhood Obesity?

Shockingly, recent figures have revealed that roughly one third of all British children are either overweight or obese, and this is just going to continue getting worse.


Five of the Best Moments of the London Paralympics

There were so many great moments to the Olympic Games, like Mo’s awe inspiring win and Murray beating Federer for the gold (not to mention the insane opening ceremony, and especially the daring exploits of Her Majesty), but there were just as many in the Paralympics.


Surviving the Holidays with Eating Disorders

If you have health issues like eating disorders, it is necessary that you learn ways to control your urge for food so that there is no barrier between you and your happiness.


When Allergies Attack – Asthma & Allergies in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

Learn more about asthma & allergies via a beautiful infographic designed and syndicated by – a leader in air purifiers and deodorizers.

Medical Negligence

Making a Claim for Medical Negligence

If you have been the victim of medical negligence which has adversely affected your health or well being then you might be well advised to file a medical negligence claim.

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