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Could the proposed ban on electronic cigarettes push smokers back to tobacco products?

However, there are real concerns that the proposed ban on a variety of electronic cigarettes could push smokers back towards tobacco products.


Facts On STDs And Infections

So allow us to provide you with some essential and 100% true facts about STDs:


Should you have weight loss surgery?

It’s no surprise, then, that a raft of miracle ‘cures’ for obesity have cropped up over the past decade or so, the most prominent being weight loss surgery.

Stop Sweating

Stop Sweating: How You Can Stop Hyperhidrosis

Do you have excesive problems sweating? Annoying right? Here are some tips that will help you understand why you have the problem and ways to stop sweating.


5 of the Strangest Human Allergies in Existence

But some rare allergies are much more strange and confounding — to the extent that one wonders how it might even be possible to live with a few of them.


Four Different Types of Hearing Loss

There are, in fact, various different types of hearing loss): sensorineural, conductive, mixed and central.


Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Dry Eyes

Although tears are most prominent when you laugh or cry, your eyes are in fact always covered by a layer of liquid known as the tear film.


What Are Electronic Cigarettes and How Safe Are They?

Currently all over the news, electronic cigarettes are the latest technology to come onto the market that can help you to quit smoking.


What are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

Many wonder, since yoga does not involve running around and sweating like a mad thing, whether it is a suitable form of exercise to fit into a health routine. True; if you want to shed the pounds, you have got to burn calories – but there is more to a healthy lifestyle than being wafer […]


Using SAD Light Therapy to Fight Jetlag

Jetlag is something long distance travelers have to face whether it is for a family holiday or if your work takes you all over the world and often makes a few days either side of your flight a little unpleasant until you become used to the time difference. There are a number of ways in […]

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